How to Memorize Anything

Hello! A couple weeks ago I began a summer memorizing project (I know, it's not summer yet). When I decided to memorize, I started thinking about a system I could come up with to help me memorize. Here's the system: Start by dividing whatever you're memorizing into chunks of 30-60 words, (if it's a Bible …

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Five Simple Tips Series #2: (How To Memorize A Verse)

You've probably considered memorizing before, and either you gave up because you lost patience and just gave up. Or you weren't interested in what you were memorizing. Maybe you wish you were like some people who can memorize a chapter in a week. You probably wish you could at least do a verse in a …

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2nd Timothy Chapter One (Memorization Plan)

I recently began memorizing 2nd Timothy. I'll start with the first chapter and hopefully memorize all four chapters. I would like to share with you my plan for the first chapter. If you're interested in memorizing a small book like 2nd Timothy you can use this guide to help you memorize it. I won't assign …

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