Hi there,  I’m Zachary. This is my fancy little blog, welcome!

I’m only a teenager but I have a huge passion for Jesus.

My goal through blogging is to make God great in a world where people want anything but God. I want to share the great power of God’s love and desire that it’ll bring hope  into the lives of every reader who accepts it.

I believe teens should  rise above our culture’s standards and use each day they have to chase this goal–to bring God glory in all they do.

I’m not perfect and I understand neither is anyone else, so I have a deep desire to grow and help others grow in their faith and love for Christ.

This is what my blog is ALL about,

I want to grow and help others along the way.

Sometimes, though, you’ll find completely random posts, unrelated to everything I just shared above. That’s what makes this fun.

If you’re interested in following along make sure you subscribe. It’s the only way to know when I’ve posted something new. (Just click this link to access the handy dandy subscription form).



If you want to email me I’m happy to chat and would love to talk with you, just fill out the little thing below to get started.


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Lizzy

    Hello Zachary! I think it is so awesome that more and more young people are finding Jesus. It took me many years to finally accept and invite Him into my heart. The church I attend has so many ministries for kids and teens. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I think you will be an inspiration for me as my faith has been a wee bit on the weak side as of late. Love & blessings to you in Christ!


  2. absolutely fascinated by this blog, especially by the idea of a bible study that focuses on a few verses at a time rather than the usual chapter-a-day routine which i find difficult and superficial. Looking forward to reading more.


  3. Very encouraging to find another writer who cares deeply about the Word of God. Thank you for the reminder that there are others out there. I will be looking forward to new posts and hopefully out of that, be able to grow my own scripture reading and walk with God. From one teenage writer to another, I salute you. 🙂



  4. Hi Zach, thank you for visiting my blog. And thank you for making me praise the Lord with a grateful heart. I just wanted to see your blog and saw your Bible study blogs and thought, “Oh my, there is so much here. I should take sometime tomorrow and have to go through them step by step.” After making that decision, I looked at “About Me” and astonished to find that you are just 15. I really praise God for you. May the LORD bless you according to Psalm 119:98-100. God bless.

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