Why You Probably Need to Stop For a Moment

Why You Probably Need to Stop For a Moment

I’m sitting here outside, it’s a cool spring evening. Here in Michigan, the birds are active and chirping. Just a minute ago, I looked over my right shoulder in time to see a Robin bathing in a little pool of water. The water had puddled in a sled from this past winter.


It’s amazing to be able to sit here quietly. I hear nothing but birds chirping, the keys of my computer clicking as I type, and an occasional car pass by on the highway. It’s a beautiful spring evening.


I love the opportunity to be able to step out the door and enjoy creation. I love taking a pause from the business of life. I love to be able to set aside my phone and social media for a while to take a moment to pause, to reflect, and to think.


As I sit here, I’m thinking, everyone should do this!


I know not everyone has the privilege of living in the middle of nowhere like I do, where I can literally walk out my door and step into the national forest. But, what if everyone took a break from life for just a moment?


Wherever you’re at or whatever circumstances you’re in the midst of, set aside your phone for a minute. Take an evening break from social media and the news. Take some time to sit alone without any noise, don’t distract yourself with music or the radio. Rather, take an hour or two to just pause. Tell your family you’re taking a few moments to be alone.




just pray.


In this crazy world, every moment of our lives is filled with noise. With some sort of distraction, Phones, Technology, Music, Sports, TV, Games, Community, Friends. None of these things are bad at all. But, sometimes I think it’s good to set them aside, at least for a moment.


I feel that in this world we’re distracted by everything that buzzes around us and we’re so distracted that we’re blind to God.


Sure, we pause at dinner to thank God for the food. If you’re fortunate enough, you might’ve had a great devotional time this morning.


But when was the last time you shut off your phone? When was the last time you completely turned everything off and just took a few moments to pause from all the craziness? 


This is definitely not the type of post I usually write on my blog, but this evening I sat down and just let my fingers write for the first time in a while. And this is exactly what has been on my mind.


You should take this as a little challenge, to set aside a time or maybe run off right now, find a place where you can be alone, where there aren’t any distractions at all.


And Pray.


Pray to God, the creator of the universe, the creator of you! The one who has saved you from your sin. Ask Him for guidance for your life, thank Him for all that He has done.


Most importantly, let go of everything you’re trying to control and give it to God. He can handle it, don’t try to handle it yourself.


If you do this, I think you’ll be blessed just as I have been.


Even if you can’t hear the birds chirping.

Published by Zachary Pierpont

Zachary is a 18-year-old blogger with a passion for Christ. His blog is all about Christian living, mostly directed toward young people. His desire is to encourage and strengthen those who read his writing to chase with all their heart the mind-blowing wonder of Christ. He loves spending time with friends and family, playing drums and guitar, writing, and enjoying God's beautiful creation in Northern Michigan where he lives. You can find him on his blog, zacharypierpont.com.