The Whole Message of Romans 7

The Whole Message of Romans 7

Roman’s chapter seven represents a big struggle that Paul is going through. He’s frustrated, but he’s not being overtaken by this struggle.


Let’s read Romans 7, then I’ll share a few of my thoughts. You can simply grab your own paper copy of God’s word or click here to read Romans 7 now.


Paul is Frustrated


In verses 7-24, you’ll see Paul’s frustration. He’s saying, “I’m doing the very thing I don’t want to do, who is going to rescue me from this?”


Can you relate to his frustration? Have you ever felt that way? This passage is relatable to me because I’ve felt the very same frustration before.


I hate sin, yet I fall into its trap over and over. I don’t know what you think, but this is really frustrating, but don’t let Paul’s frustration distract you from his key point in this passage.  


Don’t Let Sin Reign in Your Life


Some people call this passage “The conflict of two natures”. But actually, when you look at the text, it’s not like Paul is half good and half bad. Instead, he talks about a force that is called sin. Sin isn’t part of who he is, rather it’s in him.


I heard someone use an example of getting a splinter and how this relates to sin. When you get a splinter, it’s in you, but it’s not you. It might hurt and cause a whole lot of pain, you might freak out and be like “There’s something wrong with me, there’s something wrong with my hand!”


But then come to find out, you realize, “Wait a minute, it’s just a splinter in my hand.” There’s nothing wrong with you, you just have this thing within you, causing this pain.

That’s really the story of Romans 7.

Paul isn’t using this as an excuse to sin. It’s not like he’s saying “Oh well, it’s not me doing that, I’m okay”. No, in fact, he’s saying not to let sin reign in your life.


If sin really was part of you, then there would be nothing you could do about it. So we’re actually more responsible for our sin because it is ruling in us, rather than it just being who we are.


Here’s the Big Message of Romans 7


Honestly, we could spend a lot of time nitpicking and go through verse by verse, but I don’t have time for that, and I especially don’t want you to miss the key point. So, take a step back and look at the big message in this passage.


Well, the message is this, if you want to live under the law, you can expect sin’s dominance in your life, you can expect to have your whole life ruled by sin because that’s what happens under the law.


Maybe you’re a lost Christian who is like a devout Pharisee, or, maybe you’re a Christian who has somehow gotten confused mixing up law and grace. Well, if you’re mixing law and grace together, you’ll find that it only produces law.


Law plus grace equal law. No matter how you put it, if you mix the two, you’ll always get the law. And that’s not what this is about. If that’s you, you’re missing the big message here. You’re missing really the entire message of the gospel.


Apart from law, sin is dead. I’m not saying the law is sinful, the law is perfect. But none of us are perfect, so if we’re under the law, expect sin to always be the outcome.


In verse 25, we find the point of this passage, Jesus! If you trust in Jesus, you will find the way out of sin. You’ll finally be able to experience true freedom and liberty from sin that you could never have imagined living under the law.


The answer to Paul’s frustration here in Romans is Jesus. Jesus is the answer to our frustration and pain, which is all because of sin. Click To Tweet Trust Jesus, give Him your life, free yourself from sin and the law, and allow Jesus to reign in your life.”

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