Romans Bible Study – Part 7 (Kill Sin and allow Christ to Rule in Your Heart)

I’m looking forward to this week’s study, Paul covers a lot in this passage, but I want to make two basic points really clear for you. I want to emphasize these a lot.

First of all, go read Roman’s chapter six. You can read it from your bible or click here to read it online.

 #1) Being dead to sin and alive to Christ means literally to kill Sin.

All throughout this passage, Paul mentions over and over the theme of being dead to sin and alive in Christ.

I especially like the point he makes in verse 2 where he says, “How can we who are dead to sin, still live in it?” That tells us a little about what it really means to be dead to sin.

When we’re dead to sin, we literally kill it. We put to death the sin in our lives. How? By becoming alive to Christ. Because of Christ’s death on the cross, we are no longer enslaved to sin.

We’re no longer allowing sin to thrive in our hearts because we’re indwelled by the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit is really Holy, which it is, (hint, it’s in the name), then sin can’t be in its presence. Because to be holy, means to be without sin.

I say all of this to emphasize the point that we need to actively fight sin in our own hearts and lives. We fight it by saying no to temptation, (Matt. 4:1). We can fight sin by reading the word and guarding our hearts,  (Psalm 119:9).

If you’re not fighting sin in your life, if you’re just going with the flow of sin and allowing it to rule your life, you may not be saved. You need to examine your heart and see if you’re being led by the Spirit.

If you’re struggling with a habitual sin, something like anger, lust, or pride, the first step toward fighting that sin is the hardest. The first time you say no, and choose not to sin, it will be really difficult. Satan will try everything to get a hold of you.

But the amazing thing is, as you begin saying no more and more, it becomes a habit for you to not do that sin, rather than the original habit of doing it. God promises us the strength to overcome sin, and I believe we can.


#2) If you’re truly a follower of God, you get the fruit.

In verse 21, Pual asks, “What fruit did you get from your sin?” In other words, what are the consequences of your sin? Then he says, the end of those things is death. Maybe you’re currently facing some consequences for your sin, like guilt and regret. But the ultimate consequence of our sin is death.

So the fruit of your sin is death.

Then in verse 22, Paul talks about how we’re now free from sin, because of God’s grace, and we’re now “slaves” to God, and the fruit of being slaves to God is sanctification and it’s end, eternal life.

There’s my brief summary of the second part of the passage.

Now, I want to conclude and share how this is applied to our lives.



This passage has challenged me to be intentional about fighting sin. It’s time to get serious, to put the hammer down. I don’t want sin to reign in my life, I want Jesus to reign instead.

If you’re a believer, you need to be serious, also, about fighting sin in your life. Fighting sin really is a war. You’ll win some battles and you’ll lose some, but you must keep fighting.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, you can fight sin by guarding your heart with the word of God, so make it a habit to read and memorize the word every day.

Spend time in prayer, talk with God. Ask Him to give you the strength you need to fight sin. By doing these things you’ll be equipping yourself for battle.

By the strength of Christ, you can kill sin.



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