A Big Announcement, I’m starting a newsletter!

A Big Announcement, I’m starting a newsletter!

As I write this, I have 85 email subscribers. And wow, that’s 85 people who trust what I have to say. That’s 85 real people who are listening. That’s so humbling and I so appreciate everyone who has decided to listen.

I also have around 400 WordPress¬†followers, which is also amazing and it humbles me a ton. That’s 400 real people and maybe even a few robots who are following my blog. ūüėČ

Well, I have an announcement…I’ll be doing a weekly newsletter and it’s exclusively for my email followers.

If you’re one of the 400 WordPress¬†followers, you will be missing out on this newsletter unless you¬†click here to fill out the form¬†to join the newsletter.

This would mean SO much to me, even if only 15 of you decide to jump on board. That will get me to 100 email subscribers. A huge milestone.

If you’re one of the¬†85 amazing people who are already an email subscriber, would you do me a huge favor and share this post with a few friends?

What’s different about the newsletter?

The purpose of my newsletter is to help you, my readers, in the best way I can. I plan to replace my normal Tuesday posts with a weekly update specifically for my newsletter. I will still be posting my regular blog articles on Fridays, though.

So please, will you join my list? Trust me, I hate spam¬†just as much as you and promise never to send you stuff you didn’t sign up for. If you’d like to be a part of my newsletter list,¬†click here to fill out the form.

And, if you’re currently just a WordPress¬†follower, I want you to know there’s a big difference between being an email subscriber and WordPress follower, if you’re just a WordPress follower, you’ll be missing out on the newsletter. So make sure you jump on board and join my email list.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Really, I mean it when I say that you all mean a lot to me. Click Here to fill out the form to join my upcoming newsletter. 




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