Romans Bible Study (A slight change of plans you need to know about)

Romans Bible Study (A slight change of plans you need to know about)


This week I want to do something quite a bit different than normal and hopefully get you guys more involved in this study on Romans. I have just a few things I would like you to do for me.

I really appreciate everyone who has been reading these posts and commenting such encouraging and kind things. Also, thank you to everyone who chooses to participate in this experiment of mine.

I have listed below 3 things for you to do if you want to help me out in this experiment to hopefully gather your thoughts and answer any questions you might have on the passage we will be studying.


#1 Read The Passage for Yourself


The passage we’ll be looking at is Romans 5:12-21


I want you guys to read this passage for yourself and I’ll give you a few days to do so. I think you should read it over several times, try to spend some serious time thinking about the passage. Think about what God wants you to hear from it and what action God wants you to take. Just please, try to do so before next Tuesday.


#2 Write Down any Thoughts/Questions


After you’ve read the passage and have a good grasp of what it says, write down any thoughts you have and any questions you have about the passage.


#3 Email me Your Thoughts/Questions


After you’ve read the passage a few times and have spent some good time thinking about it, and have collected your thoughts on the passage, email them to me. Also, email any questions you have about the passage. You can use the form at the bottom of this post to do or you can email me:


I want to gather your guy’s thoughts on this passage and compile them into a post, while tieing in my own personal thoughts, also aiming to answer any questions you might have.


I’ve never done anything like this and I’m not even sure how many people will do this, if any at all. For awhile I’ve been trying to think of different ways to get you more involved in this study and when this came to mind, I thought it would be the perfect way to do so.

Do feel free to let me know if you’re not a big fan of this idea, after all this series is for you and I want to serve you with it.


I’m so looking forward to hearing your thoughts and hearing how this passage challenges you! Please share this post with anyone you know who you think would enjoy doing this, the more the merrier! Please just aim to have your thoughts and questions to me before next Tuesday.

Thank you!

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