New Seasons, The Reminder of Trusting God and Overcoming Mistakes and Failure (A Breif Update on my life)

New Seasons, The Reminder of Trusting God and Overcoming Mistakes and Failure (A Breif Update on my life)

Wow, I haven’t really done many posts entirely about myself before like this one is. Actually, I don’t think I ever have. Oops… XD

I haven’t really written about myself much because this blog isn’t about me and I don’t want to be self-centered. But, there have been a lot of things changing in my life lately and I’ve entered into an exciting new season of life. I think you would be interested to get to know me a little better.

Plus, I think it will encourage you to trust God no matter what you’re going through.


My Family Moved! (Twice) And I learned to trust God for everything.


For about the past year and a half, my family has been raising support to become missionaries at a Christian camp in northern Michigan, it’s called “Camp Barakel”.

It’s been exciting and also challenging to trust God to provide for everything. To take a step of faith and to trust that God will provide for our needs if this really was His will for us.

In early December (2017), my family finally had 100% percent of our support raised and so on the snowy night of December 17th, my family loaded our van and car with the few things we had with us, and drove them to our new home at Camp Barakel.

Let’s back up a little, I’ll tell the story of this whole “moving twice” thing…

Prior to moving to Barakel, my family had to sell our house, and so, in the spring of 2017 our house was put up for sale and sold in less than a week, we believed this to be a sign from God that we were making the right decision.

At this point, we didn’t have our full support and were not ready to move to Barakel. So, we moved into a farmhouse in the country that a church kindly let us live in until we were able to go to Barakel, it was about 20 miles West of our previous home.

We then moved the majority of our things to our future home at Camp Barakel and took only a few things we needed to our quiet farmhouse in the country. As the summer days passed by, and we moved into fall, we saw God provide more and more of our support, little by little, He provided for everything.

Winter had begun and the Lord said it was time for us to go, we loaded our van and our little car with the few things we still had with us and drove just a little over 100 miles North to our new home at Camp Barakel, (Dec. 17th).

Here I am now, on February 7th, telling this story and it’s a joy to look back and remember how we trusted God and how He came through, He provided for everything.

We trusted and He provided.


I Got My First Job


Last month, after a long season of waiting and after talking with my parents, I applied for a job at the local Food Market, only five miles from my house.

I prayed that if it was God’s plan for me to have this job, that He would make it really clear. And if it wasn’t, that He would make that really clear, too.

And God made it clear, after having an interview only a week after applying, I was offered a job. I began work the following week, and I am now in the middle of my second week of work.

I work as a cashier, and also bag/carry out groceries for customers. I love it! It’s not super great pay and I don’t work a lot, but I am hoping to save money for the future, whether college is something God has in mind for me or not, I think it would be wise for me to save money for the future.

I Turned 17!!


My birthday was February 4th, I turned 17 and entered into a new chapter of my life. I’m so excited and It’s crazy to think that I’m 17, time passes by so quickly! Plus I love birthdays because of cake. Nuff said.

As I look back on this past year, I made so many mistakes, big things happened, my family moved and so many different aspects of my life changed. Through it all, I was constantly reminded over and over again of my need to trust God.

When I made mistakes, and when I faced the consequences of my mistakes, I had no other choice but to trust God. When things were changing around me and when my family became missionaries, it wasn’t easy going, I had to trust God.

And now, as I look to another year of life, I know I will make mistakes, I know I won’t do everything perfectly. But if I trust God, if I don’t give up, if I keep pushing to do everything for His glory, God will provide and He will fulfill His plan for my life.


I Joined The YWW


The Young Writer’s Workshop (YWW), is an online program for young writers to learn and grow as writers. Here’s a link if you’re interested, just note that registration doesn’t open again until this summer.

Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe founded The YWW and give mentorship to young people who are part of the program. I’ve only been a member for a few weeks, yet, I’ve already received motivation and super helpful advice that will (hopefully) improve my writing, and help me to grow as a writer.

I want to hone my message as a blogger and reach my full potential through writing.

Even though this is just a little blog with only a few faithful reader’s, blogging is my passion and I love writing about Jesus and the Bible; I love challenging other believers and encouraging them through my writing.

My goal through writing and blogging will always to be the same as it was when I first began, to grow in my faith and to help others along the way, all for the glory of Christ.


That’s it, folks!


That’s all I have to say about myself, for now. I’d love to chat with you and get to know you a little, please share your thoughts in the comments or email me using the form below!

Thank you all, for reading, and always being the most kind and encouraging people who you are! I couldn’t do it without you.

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