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Happy New Year! Wow, 2018, Woo hoo! I can’t believe 2017 is over, how crazy! I’m so excited for the opportunities this new year brings.

I’m so excited to announce my first ever giveaway here on my blog.

I’ll be giving away The Psalms, ESV. It’s the book of Psalms in an easily readable format and it’s super nice for morning/evening devotions. Personally this is what I use for journaling a Psalm everyday.  I’m sorry to say there’s only one winner for this giveaway. Hopefully, sometime in the future I’ll be able to host others with more winners. 🙂

Winner Will Be Announced Feb. 1st

The giveaway will be lasting this entire month and it will end at 12:00 A.M. on January 31st. I’ll announce the winner on February 1st. I will also contact the winner so I know where to ship The Psalms. =)

How You Can Enter:

There are a few different ways you can enter so you have several options for bonus entries!  Just click this link here to view the giveaway. 

Thank you! Be sure to share this giveaway with your friends. I mean, unless you want to be selfish and have a better chance of winning by not sharing it, that’s okay too. It’s totally up to you. Have fun! 😉


Featured Photo Credit: Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash


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