Finding True Joy in Christ This Christmas

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Imagine for a moment that all you have is taken away from you. Everything you loved, everyone you loved .


Except for one thing, Jesus. If you imagine this, no home, no family, no food, no Christmas presents, no snow, not even donuts! 


Only Jesus.


Would you be happy? Like, truly joyful?

I don’t know what might go through your mind when you think about this, maybe you’re like me and are thinking, “I hope so!” or “How could I be joyful without anything?”

If I were to answer honestly, I would say, yes.

Yes, I would still find joy. I’m not sure exactly how happy I might be, I’m sure I would be sad not to have donuts or my family, but I know that I would still have joy, hope, and be at peace.




Because Jesus is everything. He’s my hope, my joy, my peace. When nothing’s going right and I feel like nothing more than a failure, I still have hope in Christ. 

You can too.

First, Be Thankful

2 Corinthians 9:15 ——”Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!”

Jesus is God’s inexpressible gift, Jesus brings us salvation from our sin and hope that nothing else, or anyone else can offer us. He gives eternal life and peace.

We have so much to be thankful for! God has given us so much more than we ever deserved. We get to spend eternity with Jesus. If that doesn’t excite you folks, I don’t know what will.

The only way to be happy, truly happy this Christmas, is in Jesus. This year, rather than being carried away by the busyness, or the gifts, or the food (the donuts), or family, or whatever else makes you happy on Christmas, enjoy Jesus.

Enjoy Jesus.

Second, Fellowship With God

How can you enjoy Jesus?

Fellowship with him! Spend quality time reading his word. Talk to him in prayer.

Actually, I challenge you for the next few days before Christmas to spend thirty minutes to an hour every morning just meditating, reading, praying, thinking, on the word and about Jesus. Talk to him.

You do have hope in Christ, true joy. Let’s celebrate everything Christ has done for us, let’s find our joy in Jesus.

Don’t be distracted by everything that’s happening or the struggles you’re going through. Focus on Jesus and be satisfied in Him alone.

Let’s celebrate Christ for the glory of Christ this season!

Merry Christmas!


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