3 Reasons to Live a Different Life as a Believer

Look guys, it’s okay to be different. Believers in Christ ARE different from the rest of human kind. They should be!

But from my (maybe near-sighted and shallow) perspective of the world, it seems that most Christians, not all, but some are fearful of being different. It’s sad, and frankly it’s a great problem. Here are three reasons why it’s totally okay and important to be different from the world as believers in Christ.


#1: Jesus Is Different!


All over the New Testament of the Bible, it’s clear and easy to see that Jesus was and is different.

When Jesus came to earth, people were filthy and sinful. They still are today. Jesus was holy. When Jesus lived on earth and came with the righteousness of God, He was different!

He was completely different from anything the world had ever seen. Rather than filth, Jesus brought cleanliness. Rather than evil, Jesus brought good. Rather than sin, Jesus brought holiness. That’s different! Jesus introduced the world to the hope and the difference that we desperately needed.


#2: This Earth Isn’t our Home


Let’s be real, the world can be pretty cushy at times and there are things that bring joy.

But it’s not home.

The following sentence is pretty Cliché, but it’s true.

There’s no place like home.

It’s okay to be different because the world isn’t our home, we’re basically foreigners on this planet.

We’re completely different because our home is brighter. Our home is holy. Our home is eternal. Our home has Jesus!


#3: The Gospel Transforms us

When believers initially trust in Christ and give their lives to Jesus. They are changed.

You are changed, you’re different. Everything the world offered you before is gone, your old self is gone. Christ now lives in you.

Instead of the filth in the world, now we have Christ cleansing us. Instead of the world’s evil (which was ours), we have Christ’s holiness!

If you’re a Christian living in this world, you’ll be seen as different, maybe pretty strange and stupidly weird to the rest of the world, but that’s okay! In fact, it’s necessary! God has transformed you, he’s taken the the earth’s dead ends and given us a road that leads to eternity.

So guys, don’t be afraid of looking stupid to the world. Don’t be so concerned and conceited with your self image that you take away the hope of the gospel.

Act like you’re changed, be at peace that you’re called by Christ to be different.

Live your life for the glory of Christ.



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Featured Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash


14 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Live a Different Life as a Believer

  1. Zachary, I know very little how to get around on a computer so this may be a dumb question to you. You found my blog on WordPress and I found your site from there, but, you do not have a WordPress ‘reblog’ button, why? I want to reblog this article for you so what I am going to do is to do a copy/paste so that I can share it for you. With my limited knowledge, I do not know how else to do it.—ted


    1. I removed the button only to sort of “declutter” my site. Thank you so much for sharing, that means a lot! It looks like you have it figured out.

      Thanks for visiting Ted,



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  3. Your article is very logical and very right. I’ve scanned your site and looking forward to reading all of it. It’s always exciting to find a young person with a vision for God. At age of 62 I can tell you it’s a great journey. A path Without end. Our eyes on things above. Our eyes on home.

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