Why I Started a Bullet Journal 

So I began this thing called Bullet Journaling. It’s a system to keep track of, and stay on top of events and tasks. It works well for managing your time and being more productive. It’s simple enough to never be in the way, yet it accomplishes so much. I’m not completely familiar with the system yet. I just began, obviously. Honestly I don’t know what to expect from it.


My Hopes…and dreams


By using it my goal is to better manage my tasks and goals for my daily life. I have many things that I think about or want to do and accomplish. Yet many of those things are rarely ever accomplished or even thought of again. It’s always been a struggle and maybe some of you can relate. My goal is to manage those things more effectively and to be more efficient in achieving goals and completing tasks.

The most appealing thing about the bullet journal is that it is several notebooks (or journals) all in one and the whole system is completely customizable. For instance, in one section of the journal you can keep an overview, sort of a Birdseye view of your month. In the next section, you can keep a log of your daily tasks, events, and ideas. The rest of the notebook is an empty book waiting to be consumed with your imagination.

Another example, I have several notebooks. One book might keep track of my prayer requests, another might just be a random thoughts and ideas folder, I may even have another for notes from church and sermons, another for book notes, another for logs, another for lists, another for goals. And the list may go on and on for some of you.

The best part of the bullet journal?!

The bullet journal consumes ALL your notebooks and combines them into one manageable and easy to use system. It’s simple. It’s customizable. And I’m hoping it works.

Now I don’t anticipate this post to make you desire the bullet journal more than whatever you use to manage stuff. I mainly just want to share my thoughts about it and share why I love the idea. It’s not super popular, well…it’s sort of popular, I guess. Okay, maybe it IS popular. ANYWAY…I just started it and it’ll be interesting to see how it works.


What’re Your Thoughts?

Have you heard of it? Does it work? Comment below and let me know. Ha! It rhymes…well kinda, if you really think about it.

But yeah, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please comment.



11 thoughts on “Why I Started a Bullet Journal 

  1. I have always liked the idea of bullet journaling, but I have not tried it because that would mean having to transfer so many sermon notes and stories that it would take so long. Did you set up your own or did you buy one set up already? Would you suggest it to those around are not sure if it would help them?

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    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! I totally understand that. For me personally, rather than transferring all my past notebooks and data I’ve just started fresh using a new system. It seems a little complicated but when you’re more familiar with the idea it begins to make sense. I set up my own, but you can also purchase an “official” bullet journal from bulletjournal.com, I would recommend beginning with your own, only because it really isn’t any more work, and it doesn’t cost anything. Just my humble opinion.

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  2. janeann72

    Great idea Zack… I do this a lot with the same motives pretty much… I need to keep this old mind on track…

    I use the cheap composition book …
    1. Phone log and things Gramps asks me to do… Church or home related….
    2. Prayer request .. Church, family and FB
    3. Diatary log and health issues to keep me out of the hospital.
    4. I also used to write the Scriptures … For over a year and a half. About 28 books of the Bible… Not able to do that any longer but it was a blessing. …
    5. I especially enjoyed writing out the Scriptures from. rachelwojo.com…
    I also printed them on card stock and share them with family, ladies in the church and people I counsel…
    Keep it up Zack…. The Lord will bless you … Great goals

    If you have ‘no’. Goals it is. It likely that much will be accomplished…

    Love and prayers


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  3. Kristi Pierpont

    I love bullet journaling! I also just started doing it, so it’s nothing fancy yet. Some people get really creative with their bullet journals to the point of basically having some sort of scrapbook hybrid. I doubt mine will ever be that fancy, right now I just use a cheap ruled notebook for it. It’s in the experimental stage, so once I have an idea of what I want to do with it I’ll probably invest in a better journal. I’m hoping it will be really helpful for when I start taking college classes again next winter.

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  4. Emily

    Obsessed with my journal and have used 2 full journals so far. However, I had to explore what worked for me. I have found that I can’t be bothered with sleep trackers, exercise trackers blaaaah. I live by my daily pages and monthly logs and I also use it to journal and keep track of memories, almost like a scrap book 🙂 I write about it all on my blog.

    Keep experimenting and find out what works for you – it is YOUR tool. Good luck 🙂

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