The Spiritual Disciplines Series: part two, bible reading

The Spiritual Disciplines Series: part two, bible reading

A week ago I shared my thoughts about the importance of having desire for the spiritual disciplines to be effective. That was part one in this series.

Now, for part two, I want to talk about Bible reading.

I’ve actually written a number of short posts on this topic and I’ve included links to those below.

Since I’ve written a bit on this in the past I want to make what I say now super brief, because I want you to read a post I wrote called “when you’d rather not”.

In that post I tried hard to make a clear point that bible reading is necessary even when it’s the last thing we feel like doing.

Two tips for bible reading:

#1: Follow a plan or set a goal

There are endless bible reading plans all over the internet these days, all you need to do is google “bible plans”, and you’ll find tons of them.

In my experience it’s been super helpful when I’ve had a plan to follow. I’ve used many different types of plans and sometimes have just used some I sort of made up on my own.  

You can even decide to set an amount of time to read each day. For example twenty or thirty minutes.  Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to have at least some sort of goal in mind.

#2: Make prayer a part of reading

Later in this series I’ll be doing a whole post about prayer. But, right now I also need to mention it, because prayer is part of bible reading.

When we read the bible God is literally speaking to us. I don’t always remember to think that way, but when I do it makes reading it even more awesome.

If God is speaking to us, wouldn’t we want to talk to Him too? We could ask him to give us wisdom, comfort, or healing. We can ask him for help with anything.

Anyway, it’s super important to pray and talk to God either before or after you read, or both. Even praying while you’re reading–if you can do that–is a really good thing to do.

My list of Past Bible Reading posts:

When you’d rather not  (If you read any of these, you should read this one, because I address an issue I think a lot of people struggle with, and it is one of my personal favorite posts.)

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