The Spiritual Disciplines Series: part one, desire

The Spiritual Disciplines Series: part one, desire

Hi, welcome to the Spiritual Disciplines series!

I was hoping to post this last week, but I was traveling and was sick. It ended up being a sort of crazy week, so I didn’t have much time to write this. 

Anyway this is the first segment of the eight part series on The Spiritual Disciplines.

When I thought of writing this series about a month ago, I had in mind bible reading as like the first and most important part, and I think it is important. But I realized, before I go there, before I dive right into the first discipline. I needed to at least mention an even more important part that I hadn’t thought much about before, basically the key to everything.



Before we can successfully implement these practices into our daily routine and effectively pursue them, we have to want them.

The want isn’t all about the disciplines themselves, we need to place our want and desire above those things. We need to want the reward of the disciplines, which is God.

Pursuing God should be the core reason for our efforts in the spiritual disciplines. We shouldn’t feel like we’re doing these things to “earn” our christianity or to make ourselves feel good about working hard. Really the only reason for our efforts in this area is being closer to God.

I think that God needs to first reach out to us for us to truly want Him, and I believe he already has through Christ. We just need to accept that.

Now, I hope you’re catching on to all this ramble. The key to the Spiritual Disciplines is desire.

Pray for desire, ask that God might give you the desire to seek Him. And, for those of you who already have that want, I hope you’re going to read along. I’m hoping that somehow throughout this series, you’ll be helped.

That’s basically all I have to say for now. I will try to keep to my promise of regular Tuesday posts in the coming weeks.


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