Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines Series

Happy new year!

2016 flew by and 2017 is here. New years are always fun and give us fresh starts. I’m sure 2017 will be a great year.

With a new year, I’m excited to start an eight-part series on the spiritual disciplines.

What are the spiritual disciplines?

The Spiritual disciplines are practices or things Christians devote themselves to. For most, the main ones are probably Bible reading and prayer, or giving. With this series I hope to not only give the importance of those basics, but I also want to emphasize others that aren’t often thought about like worship, evangelism, and serving.

I’ve put together a list of each discipline I’ll be posting about. I will try to follow the order of that list, however I might end up changing it a little. We’ll wait and see how things go.

The List:

1. Desire (the key to the spiritual disciplines)
2. Bible Reading
3. Prayer
4. Journaling
5. Worship
6. Giving
7. Evangelism
8. Serving

In every post I hope to cover the importance of each one and share practical advice on how to implement them into your life. I think that’s pretty much all you need to know, for now. I’ll be posting them as I normally do, each Tuesday.

If you find any interest in this, please read along. I hope it’ll be helpful to you.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who took my survey! Your responses and encouragement will help lead me to better use my blog in 2017! The survey is still open for anyone else who would like to take it.

Thoughts or questions? Contact me!


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