Trust in God, Romans Bible Study – week four


H e y    r e a d e r  s  !

Welcome back to the Romans series, this week we’re looking at chapter four.

If you missed last week’s post or haven’t been reading the series at all to this point, that is totally fine. Anyone is welcome to join at any time.

A Recap on last week:

Last week’s post emphasized our total depravity and God’s wonderful grace.


No one is righteous (vs. 11-18)

We were reminded that no one is righteous, and that we are all on a worthless pursuit, traveling the road of misery and death.

Grace ( vs. 21-26)

Later on in the passage we were introduced to God’s grace. God gave us an alternative to our worthless pursuit and has offered us peace and life.

Let’s get Started,

Go  read through Romans 4, then join me back here to read my thoughts.

Abraham’s Justification

Did you notice how the entire chapter is about Abraham’s justification?

It’s pretty interesting actually to think that an entire chapter in the new testament is all about that. There must be something of importance here, otherwise Paul wouldn’t have included it in his letter.

Well, it wasn’t all about Abraham or anything he did. If you look closer, the passage makes a big point that it wasn’t Abraham nor was it about Abraham.

Abraham is merely an example used in this passage to give us a clearer understanding of our justification.

There wasn’t anything Abraham did to become justified. He didn’t pray “the prayer” perfectly or get a perfect score in Awana as a kid.

Abraham’s sins were justified before God, because of God.

Abraham’s Forgiveness was a Blessing (vs. 7-8)

[7] “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered; [8] blessed is the man against whom the Lord will not count his sin.” (Romans 4:7-8 ESV)

Believers, God chose from us the beginning to set us apart from the world. God gave us life, peace and joy.

We never chose it. We didn’t do anything to earn it. We aren’t better than anyone else.

We would still be traveling on our road of misery and death. We would still be aimlessly living our lives everyday pursuing something totally worthless.

But God picked us out. God chose us from the beginning. God forgave us.

God gave it to us.

Abraham’s Example (vs. 19)

Paul wrote a portion of his letter, giving an example of Abraham’s faith in God.

God promised Abraham to build a nation of his offspring, but he didn’t weaken in his faith when he considered how old he and his wife were.

He was 100 years old! Paul says that he was as good as dead.

Yet he continued trusting God.

Paul gave us the example of Abraham for a reason. He knew that the church in Rome would  find it hard to trust God at times.

Readers, often it’s hard to trust God. Maybe you’re going through something really difficult, or maybe you’re becoming impatient waiting.

Trust in God. Wait patiently. God won’t give up on you. He blessed you and forgave you of your sins.

When things get hard. There is joy, there is hope, there is peace, in trusting God.

Trust Him by living out every action every thought to bring Him glory, and when you sin accept His Grace and keep trusting Him.

He won’t let you down.



















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