Summer Rundown + Upcoming Series

Summer Rundown + Upcoming Series

Labor day occurred yesterday, so that means that Autumn is officially here. Not exactly, but whose paying enough attention to care. Honestly, in my mind, when school starts, summer is over. Because that’s pretty much how it goes, besides it just means we’re getting closer to Christmas, hooray!

I began the summer in hopes of relaxing and getting a lot done, I accomplished the latter, but didn’t relax a whole lot. That’s okay, though, because relaxing wasn’t all that necessary for me. I got a bunch of stuff done, at least it seems like I’ve had a full summer.

Summer Posts Recap

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to write as much as I had hoped to here on the blog this summer. Even though I only had three posts over the entire summer…well four if you count the announcement post, I do think I was able to communicate important messages. If you weren’t able to catch those posts, I’d encourage you to read them, they’re all actually super short.

When you’d rather not

I wrote this post to challenge myself (and others) to be intentional about reading the Bible despite what our feelings tell us.  

Finding joy in relying on God’s power

I wrote this post mainly because I wanted others to understand the joy and relief that can be had through humbly giving it all to God and fully relying on His power in all they do.

Are you a missionary or an impostor?

In this post I really challenged believers to rethink their faith and to get serious about living their faith in obedience to God. 

Reader’s Reviews 

Originally I had stated I would be doing Reader’s Reviews weekly, but after further thought I decided to only post in that category twice monthly. I decided to do so upon further thought for a few reasons, mainly because I won’t have the time to read enough quality books that are worth my time reviewing. My desire and main goal through Reader’s Reviews is to provide quality reviews and recommendations of books that will be profitable for your reading, specifically those that will challenge and encourage believers to grow in their faith.

The first book review is coming up this Thursday (two days from now). Be sure to check that out. I’m really excited to finally see this rolling after all the work that was put into figuring out the details. I’d be happy to hear what you think.

Romans Bible Study

Ah, yes. I almost forgot. I’ll be beginning a new Bible study series on the book of Romans. It will be a sixteen part series, laid out over sixteen weeks. I’m really looking forward to writing this. The book of Romans is full of practical wisdom for believers. It was Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, so it’s really helpful today just as it was when it was written. I’m hoping you’ll be challenged through it, just as I hope to be challenged too.

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