NEW: Reader’s Reviews

NEW: Reader’s Reviews

This is a new feature on my blog, it’s called Reader’s Reviews. Each Month, you’ll find book reviews and recommendations. I’m hoping to post new things each month in this feature, but I may end up not doing it as regularly as I’m hoping.

I thought about starting another blog for this, but I realized that’d be a lot more work and it would fit in pretty well on here anyway. So I decided to just add it on here.

This won’t affect my regular posts on Tuesday, it’s just an extra and I hope you  really enjoy it. I won’t begin posting here for a few weeks now, though, since I’ll be away from the blogosphere for awhile (duh, summer vacation of course). I just wanted to let you know a little early.

The idea actually came from a blog I’ve read a lot, when I  decided I wanted to start my own she was very happy about it and excited to see it rolling. Here’s their blog: Go give them a visit, perhaps you’ll find a new blog to enjoy!

Also be sure to check out my new upcoming posts in this category. And let me know what you think! Have an awesome summer!






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