Are You a Missionary or an Impostor?

Are You a Missionary or an Impostor?


Hey readers!

I have recently been thinking about Christians, specifically Christians in America.

For people in America today it is easy to identify yourself as a Christian. Americans don’t face the severe persecution many other Christians around the world are facing today. As far as freedom, we have it pretty easy.

The liberty we have as Christians in America can easily cause us to live uninvolved in what we believe. If we really believe that Christ died for our sins, then why don’t we go love our neighbors and tell them about Jesus? If we really trust that God is working His plan in our lives, then why do we get so worried about everything? If we really believe the Bible is God’s word, then why don’t we read it?

Do you really believe? Do you really love Jesus? Do you really want to glorify Him?

I’m not trying to guilt trip anyone into thinking that if they believed, they should be perfect. I’m challenging us to consider what good our faith is if we’re not actively involved in it. What good is it to say we believe that Jesus died for our neighbors sins, while letting the days pass by waiting for our neighbors to suffer in eternity because we never cared enough to tell them about Jesus? Think about it. It’s a good thing to think about. Our whole eternity is at stake. 

This post is a pretty short and quick challenge for you, but I hope it really sinks in. I hope you really consider these things.

Lastly I want to share a quote from Charles Spurgeon, he was a Pastor way back in the 1800’s. This statement of his is so profound.


Every  Christian is either a missionary or an Impostor. -C.H. Spurgeon

The question is this, are you a missionary or an impostor?

That’s all for this week. Oh wait, I have an exciting announcement coming up this Thursday about something new I’ll be doing on the blog, so keep an eye out!


By His grace and for His glory,




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