Finding Joy in Relying on God’s Power

Finding Joy in Relying on God’s Power

Last week I returned home from Camp Barakel after crew leading as an Engineer for three weeks. If you’re wondering what that even means just ask me about it I’d be happy to tell you rather than explaining in this post. Also you can check out their site:

As most people at Barakel can relate to, the days are long but the weeks are short. The more time I spent at Barakel the more that became true for me. When my time came to head home, I was ready and a little excited to be back home and back into my normal life again. This is not a result from a bad experience but instead because of the lack of energy to endure another week. Barakel is by far one my favorite places on earth.

When I leave camp—especially in my most recent experience—I have a strong desire to go back home and make big changes in my  life. I  feel strengthened in my faith and empowered to go home and live a radical life for Christ. The problem is upon returning home. Home is another place. I found it difficult after coming home to maintain the same energy I had while still at Camp.

I think many people whether they have realized it yet or not have dealt with the same problem. Maybe not in the same situation as mine, but if you think about the places you go or the times you have where you’re spiritually refreshed and energized. That energy is really easy to lose after getting back into reality.

Reality is full of problems, and the problem with thinking about the problems of reality is that we often think about it in our own power, rather than relying on and trusting in God’s power. We need to give God our all. Every little detail of our life and every little problem that comes with it belongs to God. If we don’t give those things to whom they belong we will find ourselves emptied of energy, and depressed.

Reader, when you  try to live life by yourself and you think you can manage everything without the power of God it won’t be long until you run out of energy; it won’t be long until you realize your desperate need for God’s power in your life.


Relying on God’s strength to live our lives means dying to ourselves and exalting Christ in every part of our lives. If we truly know that the breath in our lungs  is a gift from God, we will want to pour out our lives for Him, glorifying Him in every new moment. In doing so we will find true joy. In this we will find peace; In this we will find life, true life, only life that can come from God.

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