How to Memorize Anything


A couple weeks ago I began a summer memorizing project (I know, it’s not summer yet).

When I decided to memorize, I started thinking about a system I could come up with to help me memorize.

Here’s the system:

Start by dividing whatever you’re memorizing into chunks of 30-60 words, (if it’s a Bible passage, simply use each verse as your divider).

  • Read the section 20 times
  • Try reciting it 10 times, you can look for reference at this point, just try not to read too much.
  • When you can completely recite (no looking) five times in a row without mistake, you’ll know for sure you have it memorized.
  • Now, gather all the sections that you’ve memorized so far and recite them all together.

That’s It!  I have found this system to be super effective.

Feel free to change, add, or remove, to better suite you.

Why not give it a try, and tell me how it works for you?

Also, I’d love to hear what system you use when memorizing, comment and share your thoughts!






4 thoughts on “How to Memorize Anything

  1. I would put a verse or two on an idea card and carry it with me. I would read it and work on memorizing it throughout the day. As a learned a verse I would add another until I has all memorized that I wanted.
    I would also go over all verses I knew at least two times a week.


  2. When I work on memory work, I make sure I go back and recite previously learned verses (that lead up to the one I feel I’ve just learned) as I add to the chapter or book.

    Another thing I think is critical is to have a regular system of review for passages mastered. I put mine on a two week rotation so that once every two weeks all of my memory work is reviewed, all year long.

    Great topic and wonderful encouragement. Such a valuable discipline!


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