50 Questions

50 Questions

Welcome back readers!

I know, I missed a few posts these past couple of weeks. I have been unusually occupied with schoolwork, and also had an unexpected family emergency.

I’m happy to be back, and I’m looking forward to getting back into our studies on first John this coming Thursday.

Levi, my cousin. Shared on his blog last week, 50 questions, (which by the way, if you don’t read his blog, he’s a super creative and talented writer, you should be reading his blog, go check it out!)

Anyhow, I wanted to share the 50 questions and my answers to them, they’re extra simple questions, requiring a choice between two things each, they’re also silly and fun questions, but if you think about it, you can learn a good bit about another’s personality with these few questions.

Here we go:

  1. Flight or Invisibility?
  2. Dragon or Fairy?
  3. Write a Short Book or give a Talk?
  4. Rivers or Lakes?
  5. Forests or Fields?
  6. Sunset or Sunrise?
  7. All year winter or all year summer?
  8. Drawing or Painting?
  9. iPad or iPhone?
  10. Movie or TV Show?
  11. Cookies or Cake?
  12. Spring or Autumn?
  13. Pen or Pencil?
  14. Coffee or Tea?
  15. Microscope or Telescope?
  16. Outside or Inside?
  17. Rain or Snow?
  18. Bridge or Tunnel?
  19. Emails or Letters?
  20. Analog or Digital?
  21. Hiking or Biking?
  22. Reading or Writing?
  23. Fiction or Nonfiction?
  24. Sun or Moon?
  25. Roomy or Cozy?
  26. Sweet or Savory?
  27. Blogs or Vlogs?
  28. Night Owl or Early Bird?
  29. Tidy or Disheveled?
  30. Escalators or Elevators?
  31. Fancy or Casual?
  32. Walking or Running?
  33. Green or Blue?
  34. Pink or Purple?
  35. Orange or Yellow?
  36. Bunnies or Mice?
  37. Cats or Dogs?
  38. Trees or Flowers?
  39. Introvert or Extrovert?
  40. Pepsi or Coke?
  41. Classical Music or Pop Music?
  42. Board Games or Video Games?
  43. Fruit or Vegetables?
  44. Pancakes or Waffles?
  45. Sci-Fi or Fantasy?
  46. Letters or Numbers?
  47. Peanut Butter OR Jelly?
  48. Beach or Snowy Hill?
  49. Hardcover or Paperback?
  50. Neon or Pastel?

My answers:

  1. Flight
  2. Dragon, who would want to be a fairy?!
  3. Write a short book
  4. Rivers
  5. Forests
  6. Sunset
  7. All year summer, of course!
  8. Drawing
  9. Iphone, obviously because it fits in your pocket, or does it?
  10. Movie
  11. Cookies
  12. Spring
  13. Pen
  14. Coffee
  15. Telescope
  16. Outside
  17. Snow
  18. Bridge
  19. Letters
  20. Digital
  21. Biking (it’s much more efficient)
  22. Writing
  23. Fiction
  24. Sun
  25. Roomy
  26. Sweet
  27. Blogs, no offense to Vloggers, but personally I think vlogs are a tad bit silly.
  28. Early Bird
  29. Tidy
  30. Elevators, I can’t say anything about escalators because I’ve never been on one, who knows why not.
  31. Casual
  32. Running
  33. Green
  34. Pink or Purple
  35. Yellow
  36. Bunnies
  37. Dogs
  38. Trees
  39. Extrovert
  40. Pepsi
  41. Pop
  42. Board games
  43. Fruits
  44. Waffles
  45. Sci-fi
  46. Letters
  47. Peanut Butter
  48. Beach
  49. Hardcover
  50. Neon


Now it’s your turn, comment your answers or go to the contact page and send them in.

Also, share this post with your friends, chances are, they’ll get a kick out of it too.


P.S. Did you know this is my 50th post?

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