Keeping Your Focus On Christ (and a quick update on life)

Keeping Your Focus On Christ (and a quick update on life)


These past few days, I’ve been pretty busy. So, today I want to take a short break from our study on first John. I hope to get back at that on Thursday as we enter into the second chapter.

Like I mentioned, things have been a little busy in my life lately. This past weekend I got to visit all my siblings, which, as you can imagine, was a little bit crazy, but fun none the less.

I’ve also been busy with many other things, school, keeping up with things on here, writing, (I’m working on a book,) and I’ve also been doing an unusual amount of reading, which is nice, but can be distracting me from other more important things. Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly nothing wrong with reading! But as I said it can be a form of distraction from other important things. Like many other things.

Doesn’t it seem crazy how many distractions we face? It can seem extremely crazy trying to grow in your walk with Christ amidst all the distractions. Distractions can lead us into losing our focus and growth in Christ, of course we know that we shouldn’t let our distractions lead us to that point, but the fact still remains: Distractions do lead some to giving up entirely on their faith in Christ. That’s a scary thought, ¬†you might think that’ll never be you, let me warn you that it is possible. The devil sure has a way with distracting us from our walk, but let’s not even give him a chance.

How do we keep our focus on Christ, and not lose sight?

Look to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. (Hebrews 12:2 ESV)


That is exactly how we can keep our focus on Him, by focusing on what He has done for us, and how He perfected our faith by enduring the cross. Through focusing on Christ and what He has done for us, we can have joy knowing that nothing is greater than Jesus and nothing goes before Him.

So, remember this week as you go about every little detail of life, when something pops up and says that your Bible reading or prayer time can wait, remember the wonderful things that God has done for us, and remember that nothing belongs before Him, nothing has more power than Him.

Because God is so great, spending some time focusing on Him is far more important than any other little detail of life.

I hope this reminder has great significance in your thinking, and that we all will work on making Christ our top priority.

Have a great week, see you on Thursday!





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