First John Bible Study (Introduction)

Good evening.

So, I’m doing another blog series on a new book of the Bible: 1st John! I was pleased with how well the study on Philippians went, after finishing that I was excited to begin a new study on a different book. Maybe I’ll do the other two books later on, but for now, I’ll only commit to doing the first book, after that we’ll see how it goes.

I want to divide it into ten pieces. So over the next five or so weeks we should have it completed. Although I may take a break sometime in between, we’ll see.

Part One: The Word Of Life

Part Two:  Walking In The Light

Part Three: Christ Our Advocate

Part Four: The New Commandment

Part Five: Do Not Love The World

Part Six: Warning Against The AntiChrists

Part Seven: We Are Children Of God

Part Eight: Overcoming The World

Part Nine: The Testimony Of Jesus 

Part Ten: That You May Know You Have Eternal Life

I’m really looking forward to this, and hope it’ll be a real encouragement to you. See you all on Monday! Or sooner, I may or may not have a surprise post coming up soon.

Have a great weekend!



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