Proverbs Reading Challenge

Proverbs Reading Challenge

Greetings! I hope you’re having a great day so far.

These past few weeks, I read through the book of Proverbs during my morning Bible reading time. When i finished, I had an idea: Would if I read it again during March? But, this time I would only read a chapter each day,  in the evening. I also wondered, maybe some of you would want to do it with me. Doing so, will help me actually stick to getting it done, rather than giving up after a couple days.

There are 31 days in March, and 31 chapters in Proverbs so it should work out just fine, if you’re interested and would like to join me, here’s what we’ll do: There’s a form below for you to fill out, and I will send you two update emails. Those emails will be sent sometime throughout the month, the purpose of those emails, will simply be to encourage you to keep on going, hopefully that’ll challenge you not to give up.

Tomorrow’s March 1st, So I’m hoping it’ll go well!



P.S. Lord willing, on Thursday, I hope to begin a Bible study on 1st John. I know that’ll be a good study, and hope you’ll find it to be a helpful resource.

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