Philippians Bible Study – Part Four

Philippians Bible Study – Part Four

Hello everyone! I’m having a great week so far and I hope you are too!

Despite the past weeks, this week I wanted to do something a tad bit different. Rather than including the entire scripture passage in this post, I encourage you to read along with your own bible.

So, here’s what we will do: I have outlined the chapter into five sections, for each section or group of verses I will write some things about the passage, and share my thoughts with you.

The first group of verses I want to look at is by far the shortest out of the five. Feel free to open up your bible or find one online in a new tab, and we will look at verse one.

Repetition Is Good

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “Practice makes perfect.” You know that if you want to grow in learning anything you need repetition, this can mean physically practicing something or simply hearing something a hundred times. Repetition is necessary for growth. That’s what I think Paul means in verse one when he says: “To write the same things to you is no trouble to me and is safe for you.” There is no doubt that repetition is a good thing.

Look Out For The Dogs

Next, let’s look at verses 2-7, here Paul tells the church at Philippi to look out for the dogs, at that time I think Paul was specifically talking about false teachers whom they were dealing with. I know though this is applicable to us because Paul also mentions evildoers. As Christians, we must always be on guard against Evil doers and false teachers.

Count Everything as Loss

In verses 7-11 Pual says he counts everything as loss because of the great worth of knowing Christ. He also says by himself he is not righteous but he is righteous through Christ. It is the same for us, God doesn’t accept us into His family because of us, He looks at us and sees His son Jesus’ righteousness in us. Because of this we can count everything else here on earth as loss because it is a fantastic thing that Christ has done for us.

Press On Toward Our Goal

Verses 12-16: Keep pressing on, keep growing in Christ. Never think you have reached the goal, never sit back and relax thinking you’ve grown enough. This is a dangerous spot, let us keep pressing on.

We Are Citizens of Heaven

Our citizenship is of Heaven. We are only waiting to be with Christ our savior. Until we meet Him let’s live out our faith in Christ, and share the Gospel with others, we should imitate Paul, and be a Christlike example to all who are around us.

Thanks for reading, I encourage you to take some notes of your own. Have a great week!


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