How to Make a Perfect Setting For Devotions (5 Super Quick Tips)

How to Make a Perfect Setting For Devotions (5 Super Quick Tips)

Hopefully all Christians understand the importance of daily bible reading and prayer. We know it’s important because without God’s word we wouldn’t be able to learn more about Him and His desire for our lives.
Today I want to simply share with you a few quick ideas for creating a perfect spot to do devotions, and sticking to them daily.

#1: Pick a spot with little distraction. 
Find the quietest place in your home where you’ll have the least amount of distractions. It’s common sense That with less distractions, we will be more likely to achieve our goal. Finding a quiet spot will also help you concentrate on God’s word and you’ll be able to enjoy more fully, personal time with God.
#2: Set a time each day you’ll do them and keep to it.

When planning your devotions, pick a time that you will do it and stick to that time. Most people like routines they get up in the morning and quickly begin their next task.
Finding a spot to do your devotions and committing yourself to a certain time each day are two very important keys to making a perfect spot.

#3: Find a devotional plan
Find a plan or make one yourself to follow. You can find many bible reading plans to use, most have a certain amount of chapters to read each day. You’ll find these plans helpful if you’re a routine kind of person.
If you don’t like plans, then you should at least determine a certain amount of chapters you’ll read each day.
#4: Have someone hold you accountable. 
If you’re struggling trying to read your bible and pray everyday it may be a good idea for you to have a friend or family member check in with you each day, to ask whether or not you’ve done your devotions yet.
Remember, accountability is a very helpful thing to have when you want to make a new habit.
#5: Don’t plan too much.
Yeah okay, I know. This whole post is about planning for your devotions, but it can be easy for us to have all plan and no action. It’s important to quickly find a plan that you like and stick to it. Start reading God’s word today and spend time with Him in prayer often. These practices are key to growth in the Christian life.

Lord willing, next Monday I  will begin a study on the book of Philippians so be sure to check back here then.
Until then I hope you have a good week. And if you don’t currently have a habit of daily devotions I hope this next week will be a good start for you.
Thanks for reading!
Have a happy new year!


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