Six Practical Tips For Deeper Bible Study

#1: Pray

Before I begin my bible reading, I think it’s helpful for me to spend a couple minutes in prayer for two reasons:

  • Because it helps me read more carefully and seriously.
  • Because I want the Spirit’s help to point things out, to convict and direct my steps.

I think of the verse in the first chapter of James.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

-James 1:5 (ESV)

I think this verse is applicable to us all. We all lack wisdom, don’t we? God will give it to us generously if only we will ask Him. There are other things we can ask God before and after we read the bible. We can ask Him to help us keep our minds set on Him as we read. And after we finish reading, we can ask God to help us continue thinking about it as we go through our day.

#2: Read it Twice

Almost like reading anything else, if we take extra time to read it again we will understand more and learn more reading the second time than we did reading it the first time. Consider reading it out loud the second time and really think deeply about each part.

#3: Take Notes And Memorize

As you read, keep some paper and a pen close by. When certain parts pop off the page, take some notes and consider memorizing them. You would probably be surprised how easily you can memorize a verse or passage if you’re committed and work hard. After you have it memorized the Spirit will use your memory as a tool to bring those passages to mind in the time of need.

#4: Apply God’s Word to Your Life

Reading shouldn’t be our only priority. We also need to be seeking and thinking about how we can apply these truths to our hearts and let them affect the way we think, do, and treat others around us. We ought to let the Spirit work in us and convict us of sins in our lives.

#5: Evaluate It

While you read, look into close detail and figure out exactly what the meaning of it is. Think about how and why it says what it says. If you don’t exactly understand a certain verse or part, read the surrounding verses and try to better understand the context.

#6: What Things Help You?

Last I would like to hear from you. What are some things that help you? Are there any specific things you try to do while reading the bible to help you study it deeper? Also what do you think of my ideas? Are they helpful? Do you think you will ever try any of these? Please feel free to comment and share!

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips encourage you to dig in deeper as you read God’s word. Keep an eye out, I’ll be posting again next Tuesday.



8 thoughts on “Six Practical Tips For Deeper Bible Study

  1. Michelle

    Zack, these are great! I read your blog post to my family. One thing I like to do is write out whole passages, it makes me slow down & think through the words.


  2. That was a good post. Here’s my way of studying Bible: I let Jesus teach me Bible.

    He’s a good teacher but he works in strange ways. Many times, he explains Bible through demonstrating it in my life.

    And yes, Bible knows what I’m thinking and how to guide me. The written word got the powers of the living word.

    “My sheep hear my voice and follow me”~ Jesus. That’s what I do.


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