5 Simple Tips Series #5: (how to learn the most from reading books)

5 Simple Tips Series #5: (how to learn the most from reading books)

There are many reasons why people read books. Mostly because they want to learn. Also many people find reading something enjoyable they like to spend their time doing. Whatever reason why you read a book, you probably want to get something from it. You probably want to gain some knowledge about a certain thing or topic. Hopefully with these five practical tips, you’ll find at least one thing that helps you.

Tip #1: Take Notes

If you’re one of those people who have a notebook and pen ready to write wherever they go. Then this is probably the easiest and best thing you can do. While reading, look for things that stand out that are helpful or interesting to you. Look for things you want to learn more about and write them down. Later you can go back through your notes, if you noted a tough word you didn’t quite understand, you can look up the meaning. If while reading you take note of things, it will help you pay closer attention and hopefully will help you focus more. Which in the end, will be very helpful and you’ll learn and remember much more.

Tip #2: Listen As You Read

¬†If an audio version of the book you’re reading is available as well as a text copy. Try listening to the audio and reading it. This will help you focus more. Although it probably won’t work very well with taking notes. If taking notes isn’t something you like doing then hopefully this will be a good option for you.

Tip #3: Find A Distraction Free Place To Read

This is something that will probably help everyone. Unless you read best with loud noises and crazy distractions, find a quiet room where no one will knock or interrupt. I noticed that if I’m reading somewhere where there are very few distractions. I’ll be able to enjoy the quiet, and focus more on what I’m reading. This helps me also to learn and understand more.

Tip #4: Read The Same Book Again 

I wasn’t exactly sure if I would include this tip because it’s something I’ve never done. It’s something that I’ve heard about and seems like it would be very helpful. Next time you finish a book, go back to the beginning and read it start to finish again. You’ll probably be surprised how much you missed the first time and how much more you understand now, reading it the second time.

Tip #5: Set A Goal

There’s a possibility that the reason you don’t get much from reading, is because you don’t read much. If you’re struggling to read. Try setting a few books in an obvious place and remember to open the book every day. Set a goal to read 20 pages, a chapter, or for five minutes each day.

While writing this post I knew that not everybody would find every one of these tips helpful, I do hope that I gave enough variety that you’ll be able to find at least one new tip that you are helped by. I know that almost everyone reads and I’m sure you probably have some tips of your own and ideas you find helpful. So please comment and share some of your ideas!

This is the last post in this series, I will keep posting every Tuesday so please check back here next week.

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