5 Simple Tips Series: #4 (How To Pour Scripture Into All Your Day)

Pouring Scripture into all your day, means to read the Bible and use it throughout your day to affect the way you choose to do things. If you’re a Christian you probably consider reading the Bible something you must do. You understand the importance of it. Yet there’s just one thing.


Tip #1: Be Disciplined To Read It Daily
Disciplining yourself to read the Bible everyday is the hardest part and also the biggest part of pouring Scripture into all of your day. But to do this you must have discipline. Like many other things, you can make it a habit. If you discipline yourself to read it everyday for a month, when the month is over, the next day without thought, you’ll automatically want to read Gods word. If one day, you don’t read it. It’ll become something you’ll miss greatly. Discipline is what you need. Especially in the first days.

Tip #2: Decide When, Where, And How

First figure out when you’re going to read. Are you going to do it in the morning? Evening? Figure it out and keep going.
Second, decide where. Find a good place where you’ll read it. Make it a place that is simple, quiet and with little distraction.

Third, How? Are you going to read several chapters? Or will you start small and gradually read more? You should find a plan. Simply checking a box each day will help you be consistent with your daily reading.

Tip #3 Have A Friend Ask You 

Consider asking a friend to help you by checking everyday asking you if you’ve read your Bible yet. If not, have them make sure that you do read it before the day ends.

Tip #4: Pray About It
Just like everything else in life, ask God for wisdom. Take time to ask God for help. Ask Him to give you discipline and strength as you journey through reading the Bible daily.

Tip #5: Journal The Proverbs

Simply writing out the entire book of proverbs is a challenge. It’s a good challenge. It helps you think more about the meaning. It disciplines you to carefully take time throughout reading, to seek Gods will and direction for your life.

I hope you use these ideas for Gods glory as you seek Him through reading and obeying His word daily.
Look for my next post in the “five simple tips series” I’ll write five tips on getting the most out of reading a book. It will be the last post in this series.
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