5 Simple Tips Series #3: (How To Pray Without Ceasing)

pray withot ceasing header imageIn 1 Thessalonians 5:17 we read about Paul’s command for us to pray without ceasing. But what does this mean?  Certainly it can’t mean we must constantly have our heads bowed in quiet prayer. No, I think partly what Paul intends for us to know is that we should always be aware of Gods presence and that He is actively involved in our thoughts and actions.

When we are worried, burdened with something difficult, or simply have praise or thanks. We should always understand that we can take those worries, praises, and things we are thankful for. And we can turn it into a prayer that’s honorable and thanksgiving to God. In this post as part of my five simple tips series. I want to share with you five tips and different ideas to help you as you pray without ceasing.

Tip #1: Have Times Each Day Specifically Set Aside For Prayer

If you want to make prayer a bigger part of your day, then make it a habit to pray at many different times during the day. First decide on what times you’ll pray. Maybe once each in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Remember our twenty second prayers are just as powerful as our twenty minute prayers. Certainly there’s absolutely nothing wrong with praying for long periods of time. Though it’s not a bad idea, it might be better to start out praying for shorter periods of time. As you continue, gradually add time, until you’ve reached your goal set of time.

Tip #2: Ask People What You Can Pray For Them

Make a habit of asking people what you can pray for them. Ask them, write it down, and make a list. Keep a long list of prayers specifically set aside for people. By praying for others you can help yourself and others. Ask God to help you, as you try to help others by committing yourself in prayer for them.

Tip #3: Seek Gods Direction

When you pray, take some time to ask God for his direction. Ask Him for discipline and strength. If you’re struggling to have the discipline to pray throughout the day, the best thing you can do is ask God for help. Consider seeking him and His direction.

Tip #4: Trust God To Answer Your Prayers

I hope that while praying you trust God to answer you. Yes, we understand God won’t always answer our prayers maybe the way we want them to be answered. But in a way that will help us and others the most. Yet we still need to trust God as we pray, that He has the power to hear our prayers. We must know that He will answer them according to His will.

Tip #5: Give Thanks To God

While praying we should take things we are burdened with and are hurt over and ask God for wisdom, direction and sometimes encouragement. We need to take these things and turn them around into praise and thankfulness for God. We should also be thankful for the power of prayer, and the ability we have to pray through Christ. Because it is through prayer that we can give praise to God. And thank him for the many things he blesses us with.

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