Five Simple Tips Series #2: (How To Memorize A Verse)

You’ve probably considered memorizing before, and either you gave up because you lost patience and just gave up. Or you weren’t interested in what you were memorizing.

Maybe you wish you were like some people who can memorize a chapter in a week. You probably wish you could at least do a verse in a week. It’s not that difficult really. You simply need to find a plan, and stick to it.

Here are five tips just for you to help you memorize a verse!

Tip #1 Write it down again and again

When you begin memorizing a verse, the very first thing you should do is grab a pen and a piece of paper and write it down until your hand cramps up, (or you fill the paper.)

Tip #2 Be consistent 

I’m sure I’ve probably said this in another post. But consistency is the key to memorization. You can’t memorize a verse one day, and remember it all your life without consistently working to memorize it till you can at least wait a week and still be able to recite it without review.

Tip #3 Post It On The Wall

Post the verse on the wall, put it somewhere where you’ll see it often. When you see it, read it to yourself. Soon you will be able to say it without looking. Another quick trick, write it out on a marker board or like a chalk board or something you can erase. Every time you read it erase a word. Pretty soon it’ll be gone and youll still be able to say it.

Tip #4 Think About The Meaning Of The Verse 

Don’t just memorize a verse, but figure out what it means. Take some time when you memorize A verse to think about it. Think and pray about things that the verse applies to in your life. And how it can help you in your walk with Christ.

Tip #5 Refresh Your Memory 

Most of the time it’s easy for us to memorize a verse and keep it in our memory for years. But also there are some verses we just can’t keep track of. When you do have a verse that your struggling to remember a long time later them it’s probably time to start the process over again. So go ahaed and start memorizing it again.

That’s all five quick tips for this week! Be sure to come back next week on Tuesday and check out the next post in the series. I’ll explain a little bit about what it means to pray without ceasing and give you five tips to help you “Pray Without Ceasing.”

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