Five Simple Tips Series #1 (Overcoming Your Alarm Clock)


Tip #1 Think Ahead
Before rising early, think ahead. Make sure you go to sleep at a decent time allowing enough sleep time to ensure you won’t have a monstrous headache or tired and stressful day.

Tip #2 Set Two Alarms

Recently while reading other bloggers posts on this, I saw a very simple, helpful tip. Use your iphone or iPod and set a quieter alarm right near your bed. Also set up a much louder alarm on a dresser or desk nearby. Be sure to set just a few minutes after the first alarm on your phone. Many times I’ve set just one alarm and find myself falling asleep and waking an hour later barely remembering waking in the first place.

Setting two alarms though, should definitely guarantee that falling asleep again shortly afterwards won’t happen.

Tip #3 When You Wake Up Incorporate Something You Have To Do

Another big thing that we all struggle with is falling asleep minutes after turning off the alarm. You should always make sure that there is something you have to do in the morning. Make it something that involves leaving the bed room and doing something else.

Tip #4 Splash Your Face With Freezing Cold Water 

Immediately after waking run to the sink and get the water super cold then flush your face with water. I’ve never actually tried this myself but  I garentee this will definitely help wake you up.

#5 Do A Quick Workout 

If you wake early in the morning to do something where you could easily fall asleep like reading or writing, quickly after waking do a couple sit-ups or push-ups or lift something heavy (just don’t hurt your back.) you’ll be surprised how well this works along with tip #4.

Watch out for next weeks post, I’ll share 5 more tips to help you memorize a verse. I’ll post it next Tuesday.

So watch out!


2 thoughts on “Five Simple Tips Series #1 (Overcoming Your Alarm Clock)

  1. lfish64

    I am so impressed with your faith in God and your positive outlook on life. My favorite author is Wayne Dyer. Check out his books and his inspiring seminars on youtube.


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