Growing Closer To God

Growing begins for us humans when we begin life. We eat food, we stretch our muscles. And we grow. There are many ways we can grow and by doing many things. But when we look at our lives spiritually often we’re not growing at all. What can we do though? How do we get unstuck and begin growing again? 

There’s nothing I can tell you to do, to garentee your growth spiritually.

But I can write things to challenge  you to do things that will help you grow. Hopefully after reading these 3 challenges, you’ll grow and be challenged and encouraged to continue living your life for Christ.

Challenge #1 
Discipline Yourself To Devour Gods Word Daily

If you don’t read the bible, then where does your spiritual understanding of what’s right and wrong come from? How do you decide on how to live your life? What feeds your mind to act on decisions that you are faced with?
You are faced with problems everyday, So why not read the bible everyday?

There are many things You can gain from disciplining yourself to read it everyday. But if you don’t read it you won’t gain it.

It’s a hard thing to do daily but the best way to start is with a little bit. Start with a chapter or even a few verses.

After you can do that consistently for a few days, bump it up a few more verses. Or a chapter. Continue until you’re reading the amount you feel comfortable reading daily.

With discipline and prayerful consideration, this is something you can do everyday!

Challenge #2

 Talk To God In Prayer Daily

Prayer is another absolute for growing in your faith. Without prayer, we can’t have a relationship with God. It’s our way of talking to God. Through prayer you can tell God your problems. You can tell Him your blessings. You can tell Him other people’s problems. You can ask Him for help. And best of all is that He hears us, and he listens to everything we say and works in us to change ours and other lives. For His glory and for our better.

If you want to learn more about prayer there are many resources to read. If you haven’t yet. Read my post titled “Five Reasons Why Prayer Is Important ” A post to help you understand the importance of prayer.

Also, a great and really easy book you should read is written by R. C. Sproul it’s one of many books in a series he wrote called “critical questions” the book is titled  “Does prayer really change things?”  I’ve read this book and I found it to be a really great read. I recommend it to you if you doubt the power of prayer or simply want to learn more about prayer, Its a fantastic book to read.

Challenge #3 
Keep your mind set on things that are above. 

Finally I want to simply chalenge you with a verse from Gods word.

It’s found in collosians. It tells us to keep our focus on God and not to be distracted by the unholy things that are on earth.

Repeat this verse to yourself today when you’re faced with temptation and keep your mind set on God.

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”

‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:2‬


Coming up next week will be the very first post in a new series. 

The series will contain five posts  Each post containing five simple tips on certain topics. I’m sure you will be helped much!

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