Four Steps To Memorization

Write it down.

When memorizing, write what you’re memorizing  onto note cards. After you do that, write it a few more times on a separate page. Keep those note cards in your pocket throughout the day. When you remember, read through them a few times. As you progress, instead of having each word written out, only use the first letter of each word. This will help your brain to remember, rather than simply reading it over and over.
Be Consistent.
The hardest part about memorization is consistency. It’s easy to do it one day here, and another here, but if you can force yourself to work on it everyday, it will help you to have it memorized faster, better, and longer. Set a goal to memorize for a certain amount of time each day, this will help you as you try to work on it everyday. When deciding on a certain amount of time each day, it’s important to consider how long the passage is. If it’s short I would suggest 5 minutes a day but if it is longer try more like 10 – 20 minutes. (Use your best judgment).
Listen to it.
Listening to it several times over and over will help you, especially if you listen to it as well as read it. Listening to it a few times before bed or when you get up in the morning will also help you have it memorized more effectively. Reading as you listen is also very helpful, it will help you pay more attention than if you were to only listen.
Don’t stop!
After doing each of these things  you may feel that you have it down pretty well, but as time goes on, you will soon begin to forget what you’ve memorized. A great thing to do, if you can, is to review every so often. It will really help if you recite it to yourself daily. Doing so will keep it in your memory long term.
Now go memorize! 
If you are wondering where in the Bible to memorize I have a list of five passages that I think are great passages to start with.

 • James 1:1-27

• Ephesians 2:1-10

• James 2:14-26 

• Romans 12:2

• Romans 5:1

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