5 Reasons Why Prayer Is Important

5 Reasons Why Prayer Is Important

We all know that prayer is important, but we might not know how or why it’s important.  Here are  a few reasons why prayer is important.

1. It helps people.

When you tell someone you’re praying for them you’ve made a big commitment.  Many times people will say “I’ll pray for you!” Soon after they go away and forget. When you pray it can be short.  It doesn’t matter how long you pray, what matters is that you prayed and God will hear your prayers and He will work in other’s lives for the better.

2. It helps you.

It helps others, and it helps YOU! We often try skipping over prayers for people who we might dislike. Even those you dislike need your prayers. It helps you to grow closer to others when you pray for them. It teaches you to love them like God loves them.

3.  It makes you more grateful.

When we pray we often include praises and things for which we are thankful. Being thankful gives us a reason to be happy when we want to complain.

4.  It strengthens your faith.

When we pray we spend time with God, We get to know Him better, just like we get to know others better by talking with them. The more we pray,  the more we’ll trust in God and this will strengthen our faith.

5.  It teaches you God’s love and patience.

Yes, God answers prayers, but not always overnight like we want. Many times it can take years before our prayers are answered. Sometimes we might think God didn’t answer our prayers at all, but by looking at it with a different perspective, we’ll soon see what God did and how it was for our  good.

Here are  a few tips I find helpful for praying daily.

Keep a list.

Keeping a list is a great way to remember who to pray for or what to pray for. I would suggest separating your prayers into different categories such as, personal life, health struggles, and world issues.

Set a daily goal.

It’s hard to accomplish the goal of praying when we don’t have a set amount of time to pray for or a list to follow. Setting a daily goal of 15 minutes or praying through a prayer list everyday can be a great way to develop a habit of prayer.

Ask people if you can pray for them.

We often have struggles trying to find out what to pray for people. The easiest way to solve this would be to just ask them, “what can I pray for you?”  One of the good things about doing this, is it will help keep you committed to praying for someone, and maybe in return you can tell them what you’d like them to pray for you.


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