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Grace, Romans Bible Study – week three

H e y   r e a d e r s ! 

Welcome to week three of the Romans Bible study. If you haven’t read any other posts in this series, that’s totally fine and you’re welcome to join at any time. Continue reading “Grace, Romans Bible Study – week three”

Believers, We’re Not Judges – Romans Bible Study (Week Two)

Welcome back readers!

It has been a whole week since our last look at the book of Romans. Last week we studied the first chapter. This week we’ll be looking at chapter two.  Continue reading “Believers, We’re Not Judges – Romans Bible Study (Week Two)”

Romans Bible Study: Week one

Hello readers! I’m really excited to begin this series on Romans. It’ll be similar to a Bible study in a sense, but I won’t have time to cover every single verse. Instead I’ll note key verses, and share my thoughts about them. My desire is that God will use this study to work in my life as well as yours. I hope it encourages you to dig in deeper and study the chapter more fully than I could here on the blog. Continue reading “Romans Bible Study: Week one”

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