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Where is the cost saving of integrated prefabricated pumping station reflected

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Where is the cost saving of integrated prefabricated pumping station reflected

With the process of urbanization, more and more people are becoming urban residents. The planning of urban construction and population growth are mutual. The development of supporting facilities in residential areas needs to be followed up in time. Among them, people's domestic sewage collection is a big and important project. The municipal pipe network with the relationship between the quality of life and environmental protection has been established, which has affected the vital interests of tens of thousands of residents. Strengthening the sewage collection and treatment is still a priority for the current and future government to promote for a long time.
The sewage collection related work of the community is different from other sewage treatment capacity of urban development. The change of sewage production in the community has great influence, the water environment pollution concentration is low, and the treatment technology is difficult, but the daily treatment capacity is large. In the extreme shortage of land-use resource management, the traditional concrete pump station occupies a large area. When it is constantly improved, it has a variety of advantages Integrated pumping station It will soon replace the traditional concrete pouring pump station.
   Integrated pumping station The problems of the traditional pumping station have been greatly improved, whether in the construction period or investment cost, have been greatly improved. The traditional pumping station needs to stack concrete on site, so the construction period is long, while the integrated pump station only needs to determine the size and various requirements in advance. The factory can customize the concrete in advance, transport it to the construction site, and directly install it, so as to save the labor cost of civil engineering
When it comes to labor cost, on the other hand, the development of integrated pump station has been very intelligent, remote control, automatic operation, automatic cleaning, automatic monitoring and other functions. The pump station is equipped with remote monitoring, which can alarm by mobile phone short message to remind. There is no need for special person to take care of, only need regular maintenance, thus reducing the labor cost.

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