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Comparison between integrated prefabricated pumping station and traditional pumping station

Author: Dongfeng leasing source: Date: 2020 / 7 / 13 16:12:46 popularity:

FRP integrated pumping station

1. It has the advantages of small floor area, large usable volume and high degree of integration; The traditional pumping station covers a large area, and a lot of space is occupied by various equipment.

2. Reliable quality, no leakage, no pollution to the environment; Light weight and low cost; Most of the traditional pumping stations use iron flange, and the main connecting parts are also iron. When the paint is corroded, it is easy to have leakage and other problems.

3. The pump pit of FRP integrated pump station adopts CFD fluid design, which has good flow state, no blockage and self-cleaning function; The traditional pumping station needs to be cleaned manually, and the residue of the pump station is taken out. If it is not cleaned up in time, the pump station is easy to block.

4、 ? The cylinder body is made of advanced corrosion-resistant reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) mechanically wound or lined with special steel and coated with FRP. Its seal can withstand soil corrosion and strong acid-base corrosion; The traditional pumping station adopts concrete structure, which is easy to be eroded by water, wind and small animals.

5、 ? It has the advantages of low long-term operation cost, obvious energy-saving benefits, and can be lifted up for secondary landfill and reuse in case of demolition or occupation; The maintenance cost of traditional pumping station is high in the later stage, which often needs to be checked by the staff. Moreover, after the completion of the construction of the pump station, if it needs to be disassembled and refitted, it can only be removed, and the overall cost is high.

6. The use of safe and scientific design and configuration greatly reduces the generation of highly toxic and malodorous gases and protects the environment; Because of the lack of the design of the prevention and control of harmful gases, the traditional pumping stations are prone to emit all kinds of malodorous gases, even the discharge of toxic gases, which will damage human health and the environment.

7. Glass fiber reinforced plastic integrated pumping station has high degree of automation integration, which can realize remote monitoring and management, mobile phone monitoring, remote data unlimited transmission and automatic generation of operation report. When the pump station is abnormal, the staff can eliminate the fault at the first time; Due to the lack of electronic equipment in the traditional pumping station, all kinds of data required by the maintenance personnel of the pump station must be obtained on the spot, which leads to the data of the pump station can not be consulted in time, the remote operation of the pump station and the hidden danger of the pump station can not be eliminated in time, which increases the maintenance cost of the pump station. ?

8. Completely buried installation, without affecting the surrounding environment and landscape after installation; Traditional pumping stations are usually built on the surface of the ground, occupying land. In scenic areas, it is easy to damage the integrity of the landscape.

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