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Difference between integrated pumping station and integrated prefabricated pumping station

Author: Dongfeng leasing source: Date: 2020 / 7 / 13 16:10:49 popularity:

When it comes to the integrated pumping station, many people don't know what it is. It's the first time that they hear the word. Or they have only heard of the integrated prefabricated pumping station and the integrated sewage lifting pump station, but they have not heard of the integrated pumping station. So what's the difference between the three?

The integrated prefabricated pump station is a lifting equipment for lifting sewage, rainwater, drinking water and waste water. It is produced and assembled by the factory and transported to the turnkey pump station installed on site.

In fact, the integrated pumping station is the abbreviation of integrated prefabricated pumping station (integrated sewage lifting pump station). They are the same product, but they are different in terms of products and uses.

It is the best solution to replace the traditional drainage pump station, and it is an integrated prefabricated pump station. The integrated prefabricated pump station is a turnkey project. The cylinder body of the pump station is made of advanced thickened GRP GRP material. The internal water pump, pipeline, valve, instrument, control equipment and other accessories required by users shall be provided in complete set and delivered after installation and test. It is a new type of integrated pumping station equipment, which is convenient to use, reliable in quality, less in civil work and low in cost.

The integrated prefabricated pump station adopts high-strength winding GRP cylinder, continuous high-efficiency n-technology pump, self-cleaning pump pit bottom designed by CFD mode, factory standardized component installation, and equipped with intelligent special control system, making your management easy.

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