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Sewage pumping station merchants subject to the pressure of funds to secretly drop goods

Author: Dongfeng leasing source: Date: 2020 / 7 / 20 9:26:25 popularity:

?????? Due to the pressure of funds, the merchants of sewage pumping station secretly reduce their goods, but it has little impact on the market. The support of tight resources is very strong now, and the price will not decline significantly in the future. However, considering the huge inventory in the steel plant which can not be digested, the future road of becoming useful is not optimistic. In the conversation, we also confirmed the survey results and analyzed the future market: there should be no market in the next two months. It is unrealistic to see a sharp rise or fall in the next two months. It is estimated that the main trend should be a narrow range of shocks. One is that the demand is still the same, and it is not likely to boost up in a short time; However, at present, the steel price is very low, and the manufacturers' inventory is generally low. The steel mills will inevitably supplement the inventory by increasing the price. Therefore, the following days of this year will fluctuate in a narrow range. In this way, the support from the cost side is relatively strong, and the support from the bottom is also strong. The author also learned from some traders that many businessmen are playing the rattle in their hearts. Some businessmen are reluctant to sell and wait for the rise of large factories with a gambling mentality. However, the downstream sewage pumping station market is not as optimistic as expected after the pull-up, and the overall fundamentals of the steel market have not improved significantly, Businesses have said that scrap steel market is now more and more can not understand.
At present, the finished products in Tangshan are rising slightly, and the transaction is fair. The downstream enterprises purchase billets on demand, and most of the merchants stop purchasing and mainly deliver. It is expected that the price of Tangshan billet will stabilize today. In addition, we need to pay attention to the bidding price of ordinary carbon billet of Tangshan Yangang in the morning. The situation of terminal stock is more common, so that the local finished products have strong willingness to support the price. However, in the afternoon, it only increased by 10 yuan / ton to 2450 yuan / ton, and the operation was extremely cautious. On the one hand, due to the poor mentality of steel billet traders, it was difficult to increase the price. Even though the direct delivery resources had no advantage in trading, the resources in the warehouse were even "ignored". On the other hand, due to the frequent fluctuation of billet price in recent years, downstream finished products merchants are cautious in purchasing goods and mainly purchase on demand. In addition, there are production stoppage, production restriction and forced suppression, but they dare not act rashly. Before the policy of stopping production and limiting production is not "unlocked", the billet market may continue to fluctuate frequently. Based on the overall performance of today's steel market, the author predicts that the billet price will be stable tomorrow. The demand is not smooth, high price resource quotation keeps falling to adapt to the market, the buyer depresses the price inquiry, and the transaction price hovers at a low level. It is reported that most of the recent mine normal operation, sewage pumping station did not appear to reduce production and maintain value.

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