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Function analysis of terminal monitoring system for integrated prefabricated pumping station

Author: Dongfeng leasing source: Date: 2020 / 7 / 13 16:14:58 popularity:

? Integrated prefabricated pump station It is a kind of intelligent pump station, which can realize automatic start-up and stop, intelligent operation, without manual attendance, and can also be configured with intelligent control system to realize remote operation, which greatly saves the cost of manual maintenance. The remote monitoring terminal of the integrated prefabricated pump station can provide real-time operation information of the pump station to realize more accurate and stable remote control.
The remote monitoring and control terminal of the integrated pumping station can be used to monitor the liquid level of the sewage pool, the discharge flow, the start-up and stop state of the water pump, the control mode, the voltage, the current, the operation situation, and the harmful gas concentration of the security alarm system.

1) the pump start-up equipment management can control the start-up and stop of the drainage pump by selecting its own manual, automatic and remote control development mode;

? ? 2) The distributed control mode is adopted. The main controller is used in the pump station. Each drainage pump belongs to a sub controller, and the main controller can also adjust the sub control authority;

? ? 3) Intelligent control of the rotating unit of the drainage pump to keep the loss balance of each pump;

? ? 4) Support the automatic and remote management and control system operation of grid separation technology equipment;

? ? 5) the construction site supports Ethernet, optical fiber, GPRS wireless communication mode, and can also realize image monitoring when using optical fiber communication;

? ? 6) The field keyboard reads, modifies and controls the operation parameters of the terminal group, and stores the site monitoring regularly for future reference information;

? ? 7) It supports remote setting and modifying the working environment parameters of the terminal to realize the remote management and maintenance of the technical equipment of the enterprise terminal;

? ? 8) The display screen shows the working status of the measurement and control equipment, including the working voltage and current of the water pump unit, and the water level information of the sewage pool

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